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Q: Are Lindens free to get
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Who are the Lindens in Second Life?

The Lindens are the creators and employees of the Linden Lab.

Are lindens sexual or asexual?


Can you buy lindens in second life with a prepaid debit card?


Give you the definition of the whitewood tree?

These are trees that grow in south Florida that have a milky white bark. -Also known as tulip trees and lindens .

How tall does a little leaf linden get?

Plan on little leaf lindens getting to be 60 to 70 feet tall. If you wait long enough, it may even grow taller.

How common is the pine tree in the UK?

Pines, as well as other trees, are native in the UK. Also native to the UK are: Cherries, Ashes, Box, Hawthorne, Lindens, Maple, Poplars, Whitebeams, and Oak.

Trees that drop their leaves in the winter?

Such trees are called deciduous. Among these are elms, maples, oaks, gums and lindens. Trees that are not deciduous are the evergreens- pines, firs,cedars, etc.

Do you have to pay for second life online game?

No you don't have to pay in order to play second life. There are a lot of places and things that you can do without spending any of the in game currency (lindens) and still enjoy the game.

How do you get a TARDIS in second life?

you have to buy it with money called lindens there are also companies that made tardis for years like hands of omega novatech and nls i reccomend you buy one from nls their consoles are just awsome

How can you play Second Life with out paying for it?

Second Life is currently (as of December 2010) still free to play. You do not have to pay to create an avatar and enter the virtual world. Make sure you are going through the official website (listed as a related link below). There are portions of Second Life that require payment, such as buying land (sims) or lindens (in-world money). In those cases, a Paypal account is needed.

Where can I find information about what trees are needed for a hammock?

Great trees for hanging a hammock include maples, elms, oaks, lindens, and sycamores. Make sure to plant them close enough together and wait till their trunk is nice and strong.

Who sings mia hee mia who mia ha mia haha?

I believe you are referring to Dragostea din tea (roughly translated as "Love from the Lindens"), also called the Numa Numa song. It was popularized in America by O-Zone.

Could you recommend you some free multiplayer games to download shot racing etc anything?

There are many but here is a few personal faverouts Second Life (download & register)-you can have a free account but if you make a paying account you can buy lindens (the currency) it is for 18 and overs only if you are under 18 there is teenlife There (download & register) i have not downloaded this game myse;f, but it is ment to be very good moparscape (download) is a game just like runescape same world ect..but you can go to member parts and have member stuff and have 99 everylvl for free runescape (register) is very good...better than moparscape if you have paying account you can get free account but there is many things you cant do with a free one..the reason it is worth paying than getting moparscape OS that it is lowlag and legal

How can you get a lot of gold on Gaia Online fast?

Earn around 50 - 1000+mp per free survey/ offer...can be converted to...100mp = 1000 Gaia Gold100mp = 25 Lindens100mp = 100 IMVU credits200mp = 1 Habbo coin100mp = 180 There Bux(not a cheat code but it quickly mounts up)

How Do you Get Linden Dollars From Second Life?

You have to buy them at Additional Info: You can also earn Lindens by getting a job in Second Life. There are many ways to get a paying job in SL. The easiest way is to search the "classifieds" for HELP WANTED.

How can you make money in Second Life?

in second life you may get a job or may ask a friend you really know well..... or just sell stuff its very easy or tend to join the army you want lindens..... then get started and p.s. send me a request zach24 moonwall

How do you earn L on Second Life?

The "easy" way is to buy lindens at the second life website. If you want to play the game without spending money then there are a lot of in world sims that you can find a job to earn money : host , DJ , dancer , and so on.

What was lindens point of view in the article can animals think?

part 1at first lindens point of view for animals was that the animal just new how to get thought about the human language and he noticed that no researcher cared much about ape escape artistpart 2secondly linden started to hear about fu Manchu break outs and started to realize that animals can think because fu Manchu found many ways to escape and not get noticed by the zoo keepers.

Where did harris burdick go?

No one in the world knows but him. Lots of people think murder. I think murder. At school I writ a story about one, what we had to was pick a title and write a story. I did Mr Lindens Library.

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Free will, free market, free-for-all, free country, free to be you and me, free time, free food, free Tibet, etc.

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it is called foss 4 life and free free free happy fosses

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=free you again==free you again==free you again==free you again==free you again==free you again==free you again=

Is Jamaica a free country?

What do you mean by "Free"? free as in a weak central government or free as in u.s. free people.

free,means free,no charge Why does it coast money?

I would like a free vin check..... free, free