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Q: Are Intech golf balls non-conforming or illegal?
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Are intech golf balls legal?

No, These balls are not on the USGA conforming list of golf balls.

Who manufactures limbo Golf balls?


Who manufacturers intech golf balls?

BETA Ti 36

What Golf Club Drivers are illegal?

The USGA and the R&A have a full list of nonconforming Drivers on there wev site

How can you get free golf balls?

It is highly unlikely that you would be able to get golf balls for free. The only way you could do so is a promotion with a golf magazine or something. If you go play golf and find some golf balls you can keep them, however, you can't just go to a golf course and look for golf balls, this is illegal. The issue seems to be perhaps you think golf balls are too expensive, there are a couple of options you could buy budget golf balls or buy lake balls, these are used golf balls which are a lot cheaper.

Is it illegal to take golf balls from driving ranges?

Well yes, that is theft.

Is it illegal for golfers to hit golf balls into my garden, even if it's by accident?

No, this is the price to pay for living on or next to a golf course. There are probably signs all over the club stating they are not responsible for stray golf balls.

What is more deadly a baseball or golf balls?

golf balls

Are precept laddie golf balls a man's or woman's ball?

The laddie is not gender specific. Ladies golf balls are usually labelled as ladies golf balls, where as you would never see golf balls labelled mens' golf balls.

Where can I get personalized golf balls from?

You can get personalized golf balls at the following sites I am including , and , and

What is a good brand of golf balls?

Golf balls are highly technical pieces of equipment now.It's also highly personal so you might have to try a few different balls to find the type that works best for your game.Titleist is the most popular ball on the tour though.

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