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Q: Are Germans known for being good at any sport?
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Which sport that Canada good at?

Canada is known for being a great hockey nation.

What sports are Germany known for?

German national sport players are known for being good at field hockey (being one of the best in the world) and they are extremely well-known at soccer/football (especially at penalties) you are welcome

Why don't Germans like sport?

Germans only like football (soccer). This is because they are not good at rugby and because they have difficulty trying to understand cricket. It is because Germans do not like losing that they don't follow these sports.

What are the release dates for Raggs - 2006 Being a Good Sport and Practice?

Raggs - 2006 Being a Good Sport and Practice was released on: USA: 17 February 2009

What was Elizabeth II known for?

She was known for being real good She was known for being queen...

How do famous athletes get into a hall of fame for the sport that they played?

You get in the hall of fame by being good in that particular sport

What is the most famous sport in ancient china?

well in nowdays Chinese tend to be good in all sport but ages ago the sport they were most known for were martial arts and the martial art they are known for is kungfu.

What is the difference between good at sports and being a good sport?

"Being good at sports" refers to having physical talent and skill in athletic pursuits, while "being a good sport" refers to playing fair, being a team player, and being gracious whether you've won or lost. The meanings are independent but not mutually exclusive!

What is an example of someone being co-ordinated in sport?

To be cOrdinated is to be skilled, graceful, and good at the sport. To do without compications!

What kind of sport is a good sport?

All sports are good. However, team sport are for a beginner very useful in developing skills where working together is required. A "good sport' is also a term used to describe a behavior (a) good sport someone who can accept a loss in a competition or can accept being the butt of a joke. Bob is usually a good sport, but this time he didn't seem to appreciate your joke.

How do soccer players get recognition?

Soccer players get recognition by being a good sport.

Why is tennis a good sport to play?

Sport is good .. Tennis is a sport .. so tennis is a good sport to play?

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