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Yes they are.

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Q: Are Elm Utd a football team in Plymouth England UK?
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Where in England is elm tree care house?

elm tree care home for children is in Newcastle England

What is elm used for?

Nothing in England as it all died out from the Duthch Elm disease.

What happened to all of the beautiful elm trees in this country?

If you are talking about England then they were largely wiped out by Dutch Elm Disease.

What is first movie from Johnny Depp?

NightMare On The Elm Street.Played As Nancy's BoyFriend , The FootBall Player.

What was Johnny Depp's first movie?

Nightmare on Elm Street. He played Nancy's boyfriend, the football player.

What rhymes with realm?

overwhelm, helm 1 syllable: bellm, elm, helm, helme, hjelm, kelm 2 syllables: dutch elm, dwarf elm, red elm, rock elm, white elm, winged elm, wing elm, witch elm 3 syllables: cedar elm, Chinese elm, English elm, guernsey elm, jersey elm, overwhelm, silky elm, spanish elm, underwhelm, water elm 4 syllables: huntingdon elm, September elm, slippery elm 5 syllables: American elm, European elm, Siberian elm 6 syllables: European field elm From

What are the common names of slippery elm?

Indian elm, sweet elm, red elm, and moose elm.

What is piss elm?

Siberian elm or Chinese elm.

Are elm trees native to north America?

There are several species of elm native to North America. These include American Elm, Slippery Elm, and Winged Elm.

What is a wych-elm?

A wych-elm is a variety of elm tree found in northern and western Europe, also known as the Scotch elm.

What is the postcode to Elm Tree House in Newcastle?

The postal code for Elm Tree House in Newcastle, England is NE19 1AA.Use the Royal Mail website for proper (accurate and correct) postcode locating. See the link below.

What is the relationship between a Elm Bark Beetle and a Elm tree?

The Elm Bark Beetles Get habitat from the elm tree, and in return The elm tree is protected by the beetles. Their symbiotic relationship is Mutualism. Both the Elm tree and the beetle benefits from this relationship

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