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No they're not. They appeared in the ring at the same time on Raw recently. Eugene played Doink the Clown for a few months back in the 90's, but he isn't the current Doink the Clown Steve Lombardi, aka Brooklyn Brawler, is Doink The Clown now. no doink is reallllllllly old it is Y2J

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โˆ™ 2009-04-29 22:47:24
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Q: Are Doink and Eugene the same person?
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Who is Eugene Luckner?

he was a doink the clown impersonater on a few events till he got the eegen spot on wwe then the new doink impersonater was midion have a nice day

Is Eugene of WWE really mentally challenged.?

no he isn't really ...its all a big storyline to entertain the crowd to get laughter in and for him to get noticed. after all he isn't that bad...but I have heard he was the clown about last week...he wrestled as a clown. How the heck could Euegene be like that. The clown came in and got the living heck beaten out of him by Rob Conway, then Eugene came to the rescue and got beat up. So unless there are two Eugenes, there is someone else who plays Doink the CLown. No, but I doubt he'll ever be able to have a different gimmick. The only way it could happen is: if he disappeared for many, many years, and return after everyone forgo about him, but I don't think he'll forget about Eugene for a longtime! He's not related to Bischoff, either. Eugene is what Doink was (when he was in the WWE) the comic relief. That, and I don't think Eugene is old enough to be Doink. Although Doink and Eugene would make one entertaining Tag Team, it won't ever happen. Eugene is NOT. I should know. I am related to him.He is my 10th cousin. Eugene isn't, he is just out 4 a while because he took drugs Eugene is fired due to injuries. # #

When was The Doink Years created?

The Doink Years was created in 1990.

I am going to ask you a dumb question See if you can answer it What is a granite blanket covered with mold standing on shooter blanks with feel bells on top of green yarn with a piece of doink doink?

doink doink? strange... well, it is a granite blanket covered with mold standing on a shooter bank with feel bells on top of green yarn with a piece of doink doink. hope it answered your question.

Is doink dead?


What movie and television projects has Ray Apollo been in?

Ray Apollo has: Played Doink the Clown in "WWF Superstars of Wrestling" in 1984. Played Sgt. Krueger- Team South Africa in "Clash of the Champions XIII: Thanksgiving Thunder" in 1990. Played Sgt. Krueger- Team South Africa in "Starrcade" in 1990. Played himself in "WWF Monday Night RAW" in 1993. Played Doink the Clown in "Survivor Series" in 1993. Played Doink The Clown (1993-1995) in "WWF Raw Is War" in 1993. Played Doink the Clown in "WrestleMania X" in 1994. Played Doink The Clown in "Royal Rumble" in 1994. Played Doink the Clown in "Royal Rumble" in 1995. Played Doink The Clown in "WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game" in 1995. Played Doink The Clown in "WWF Hall of Fame" in 1995. Played The Funny Clown in "The Best of Wrestling Slams" in 1999. Played Doink The Clown in "WrestleMania X-Seven" in 2001. Played Doink The Clown in "WWE WrestleMania: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 2" in 2005. Played Doink the Clown in "The Shawn Michaels Story: Heartbreak and Triumph" in 2007. Played Doink the Clown in "WWE: Survivor Series Anthology, Vol. 2" in 2009.

Is Doink the clown in WWE 13?


Is doink the clown dead?

no he is not dead

Who played doink?

Matt Borne

How old is doink the clown?


Does you Doink have a Twitter?

Yes @doinktweets

How do you say Eugene in Hebrew?

Eugene is pronounced the same in Hebrew as it is in English. You can spell it יוג׳ין

Who is Jeremy Eugene Brown?

A person

Where is doink the clown?

his name is Matt borne

What was doink the clowns theme?

"Nightmare Clown"

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Are there any other undefeated wrestlers from WrestleMania?


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Who if anybody owns the rights to Doink the Clown.. I know the WWE uses him frequently and there are independent wrestlers who work with that gimmick. So who owns the rights?

It isn't WWE that frequently uses Doink it's TNA

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