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It's says nothing of any relation in their bio's on their individual NBA sites.

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Q: Are Caron Butler and Rasual Butler related?
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What is Rasual Butler's birthday?

Rasual Butler was born on May 23, 1979.

When was Rasual Butler born?

Rasual Butler was born on May 23, 1979.

How tall is Rasual Butler?

NBA player Rasual Butler is 6'-07''.

What position does Rasual Butler play?

Rasual Butler plays shooting guard for the Indiana Pacers.

What is Rasual Butler's number on the Indiana Pacers?

Rasual Butler is number 8 on the Indiana Pacers.

How much does Rasual Butler weigh?

NBA player Rasual Butler weighs 215 pounds.

What NBA team does Rasual Butler play for?

Rasual Butler plays for the Indiana Pacers.

What college did NBA player Rasual Butler play for?

NBA player Rasual Butler played for La Salle.

How much money does Rasual Butler make?

NBA player Rasual Butler made $884293 in the 2013-2014 season.

Is Rasual Butler married?

No he is not married.

What is the birth name of Caron Butler?

Caron Butler's birth name is James Caron Butler.

How old is Rasual Butler?

Former NBA player Rasual Butler was 38 years old when he died on January 31, 2018 (birthdate: May 23, 1979).