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Brazil is the best in football .


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Q: Are Brazil Argentina and Spain the best football teams?
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How many football teams have won the world cup?

Eight: Italy Uruguay Germany Brazil England Argentina France Spain

What number of World Cup football teams have won the World Cup?

There have been 8 teams to win the world cup, england, France,Italy, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany and Brazil

Three best teams in the world cup?

Brazil , Argentina and Spain are the best you could add Holland.

How many teams have won the FIFA football world cup?

Uruguay (2) Argentina (2) Germany(3) ITALY (1) BRAZIL (5) spain (1) etc

Name the teams who won the world cup?

Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay.

Which teams have entered quarterfinals in worldcup 2010?

Netherlands Brazil Uruguay Ghana Argentina Germany Paraguay Spain

Which teams will play next in a game in the FIFA World Cup?

There are only eight teams remaining, Spain, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ghana

What does FIFA World Rankings actually rank?

Fifa World Rankings is a system that ranks mens national teams in football. Spain are currently ranking first. The rankings were introduced in December 1992, and seven teams (Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain) have held the top position, of which Brazil have spent longest ranked first.

How many football teams does Spain has?

Spain has 50 teams in total

What teams out of Argentina Brazil England Ital Uruguay Germany and France are from South America?

Argentina Brazil Uruguay

Who is better Brazil or Argentina?

If you mean who is better in football, then the answer is BRAZIL.Since the first match in 1914 till the last match on 28th Sept. 2011, the two football teams met each other 98 times, Brazil won 39, Argentina 35, Draw 24. Brazil scored 152 goals, Argentina 150 goals.

How many football teams does Brazil have?

there are 21 brazilian teams .

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