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6 players are allowed on the court at one time for one team at the beginning of the game. If a player were to be injured during the game and there are not any substitutions, then you can continue to play with 5 players.

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if it's for fun, like it's just for PE or a family thing, that's ok. but if you are in a serious game you cant play until you get 7 players cuz you at least need 1 substitute.

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Q: Are 5 players allowed to play in volleyball rules?
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How many players on one team are allowed to play in a volleyball team?

6 players are only allowed.

Who likes to play volleyball?

volleyball players and people who like volleyball

Are the players feet in volleyball allowed to cross the centerline?


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What Equipment is needed to play vollyball?

AnswerA net, volleyball, ref and players are needed to play volleyball.

How many players it takes to play volleyball?

6 players or more

How many player play in volleyball?

Well if you are talking about playing,, then 6 players play on the court at one time

Number of players to play volleyball?

On an indoor court, there are 6 players on at a time

What day do volleyball players play on?

Depends on what the schedule is

Are volleyball players rude?

Volleyball players in particular are not rude, but it's their personality. Have you ever seen someone who is NOT a volleyball player be rude? For instance, I play volleyball and I would not consider myself rude.

What are the materials for volleyball?

All you need to play volleyball is a net, a court, a volleyball, 6 amazing volleyball players.! you cant go wrong with that!

How many players are playing in a volleyball team?

During play, there are six players participating.