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college: 84%

professional: 78%

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Q: Approximately what percentage of young athletes respond consistently to the command style of coaching?
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Who can athletes see for support?

Please clarify if you mean sponsorship or mentoring/coaching support

What has the author Anne Bremner written?

Anne Bremner has written: 'Coaching deaf athletes'

What is the best sport coaching style?

The best sport coaching style is the style that you are comfortable using as well as what achieves the best results from who you are coaching. Some athletes respond better to the high volume style coaching and some respond better to a mellower style.

Is there disabled people in the Commonwealth Games?

The Handball Coaching GuideSpecial Olympics coaching guides are the key source of coaching information for our volunteer coaches worldwide. The guides are written by experts in the sport who understand that people with intellectual disabilities need extra time and attention to master new skills. The guides are helpful to anyone teaching a sport but are especially valuable when coaching Special Olympics athletes.

What has the author Jane M Ware written?

Jane M. Ware has written: 'The coaching interaction patterns of a college volleyball coach with her high-skilled, average-skilled, and low-skilled athletes' -- subject(s): Interaction analysis in education, Coaching, Volleyball, Coaching (Athletics)

Why don't Olympians get money?

Olympic sports contenders are not paid for the competition. Until the 1970s, Olympic athletes had to be amateur, not paid athletes. However, some countries' athletes practiced full time; others were very limited as to who could sponsor their living and coaching expenses.

What is Joe Paterno winning percentage?

As of the 2008 season, Joe Paterno's coaching record is 372-125-3 for a winning percentage of .747.

What has the author David P G Teager written?

David P. G. Teager has written: 'Technical aspects of coaching visually impaired athletes'

What has the author Dianne C Jones written?

Dianne C Jones has written: 'Critical requirements for coaching women's intercollegiate volleyball in the state of Illinois' -- subject(s): Volleyball for women, Coaching (Athletics) 'The relationship of sex-role orientations to stereotypes held for female athletes in selected sports' -- subject(s): Women athletes, Stereotypes (Social psychology), Attitude (Psychology)

What Clemson football coach has the record for best winning percentage while coaching at Clemson?

John Heisman

What has the author Dana A Sinclair written?

Dana A Sinclair has written: 'The effect of coaches' expectations and feedback on athletes' self-perceptions' -- subject(s): Women athletes, Self-perception, Expectation (Psychology), Field hockey, Psychology, Psychological aspects, Coaching

How coaching can help performance?

Coaching can help performance in any sport in a number of ways. For example, coaches can monitor their athletes to ensure that they are pushing themselves hard enough while maintaining the correct form.