Apply the first law of newton playing soccer?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Everything I've ever read about Newton suggests to me that his first law

would have been to never be caught dead anywhere near a soccer game.

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Q: Apply the first law of newton playing soccer?
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Does Newton's First Law apply to rotating objects?

Newton's first Law (The velocity of an object remains constant unless...) does apply to rotating objects, but the fact that an object is rotating is not specially relevant to application of the First Law.

Can you explain what happens when you accelerate in car in terms of newton's first law?

No. The conditions for Newton's First Law are that there is no acceleration; and these conditions simply don't apply. You need Newton's Second Law for your analysis.

When did England first start playing soccer?


How does newton's first law affect soccer?

newton's first law effects soccer because if you kick the ball it will keep moving until acted on by another also effects this sport because the layers will keep moving until they are acted on by another force

How old was Mia Hamm when she first started soccer?

Mia Hamm began playing soccer and other sports at the age of 6. Mia retired from playing soccer in 2004.

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How does newton 1st law apply to a falling object?

It doesn't, since the conditions don't apply. The conditions for Newton's First Law are that there is no net force on an object - there must be no force on the object, or the vector sum of the forces must be zero.

Hew were the first people to play soccer?

People were playing something like soccer since ancient times. But modern soccer was created in England.

What does the first law of motion apply to you?

Newton's first law of motion tells me that I will remain in constant uniform motion unless I am acted on by an external force.

When did Sir Isaac Newton invent force?

Force is basically a term for any object in motion, force is just a term that describes such. Its always been their, always will, Newton was the first to apply it to gravity, and the acceleration of gravity, along with inertia.

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