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India won the match.

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Q: Any predictions for the winner of the India vs Pakistan cricket world cup match on March 30 2011?
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Will Pakistan win or India in icc cricket world cup 2011?

It is impossible to make such predictions.

Who Pakistan cricket team challenger?

India Cricket Team

Winner 2007 twenty20 cricket?


Who is the winner of todays ICC cricket world cup?

India is the winner of ICC cricket world cup 2011

Is Pakistan better then indla in cricket?

India because they have a great cricket team and more likely to win than Pakistan. Pakistan loose nearly all the time and India are the winners!!!!!

Who will be the winner of the 2011 cricket world cup?

The 2011 cricket world cup finals consist of India and Sri Lanka. India beat Pakistan today! Sri Lanka beat New Zealand in their semis. Our crystal ball, however, is in the shop for repairs, so we cannot predict the winner for you. Sorry.

Who is winner of cricket world cup?

the winner of the world cup 2011 was india

Who is winner of 2011 world cup cricket?


Who is the coach of Indian and Pakistan cricket team?

India cricket team coach - Duncan Fletcher Pakistan cricket team - Mohsin Hassan Khan

Who won Pakistan vs India cricket semi final?

India beat Pakistan sadly by 21 runs.

Who won the match of yesterday Pakistan vs Afghanistan?

India won the cricket in Pakistan vs India

Who won the 2 semi final for cricket India vs Pakistan?