Any golf caddies or golf people?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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I work as a Golf caddie at Pebble Beach.

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Q: Any golf caddies or golf people?
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How much tips for golf caddies at Bali golf courses?


Why don't golf pros use light weight stand bags but instead have their caddies carry the full sized bags?

They need to be prepared for any situation such as rain or wind so they include things in their golf bags that their caddies carry.

What golf in southeast Michigan have courses have caddies?

Check with any of the local golf professionals to see if they allow the cart boys/girls to caddie for tips.

What are some sports that use caddies?

Golf is one sport.

Who is jim furyck golf caddies name?

Fluff cowan

Are there any rules in golf regarding selection of caddies in a golf club?

Very rarely. In most clubs it is decided by a rota, though some players choose which caddy they want.

Do caddies ride on the back of golf carts?

no they drive the golfer around and from hole to hole

Is a mark 1 golf cool?

Mk1s are übercool, period. Caddies especially so...

What different products does Laser Link Golf provide?

They sell golf equipment such as golf caddies, golf sticks, golf balls, gloves, shoes made especially for golfing, and caps and lanyards and other materials.

What products are advertised on the SkyCaddie website?

There are many products that are advertised on the SkyCaddie website. This particular website deals in the sale of golf products such as caddies, golf balls and golf sticks.

Where are golf courses that have caddies in America?

Golf courses of today's time for the most part no longer offer caddies. Caddies have been replaced by powered golf carts, yardage books, better equipment and highly trained golf teaching professionals. Some caddies have even been replaced by animals: http:/ During some special events, some courses will offer a caddie service as a special fund raising type of event. These are a few web sites that advertise special caddie services but you may want to check their references with your local golf course professional: http:/ http:/ Note: I owned a golf course until July 2009 and I would not allow outside caddie services on the property. I only had a few people ask for a caddie in 14 years and our local cart boys/girls were more then willing to provide the service. Most of the kids were students trying to pay for college and caddied for tips.

When was the first night golf game?

July 24, 1930 at Sunset Valley Golf Course, Highland Park, IL Two foursomes played with flourescent painted golf balls using ten caddies.