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Q: Any famous Boston Bruins wear number 11?
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Any famous Boston bruins wear number 49?

Joe Juneau

What number did Wayne Cashman wear for the Boston Bruins?

Wayne Cashman wore number 12 for the Boston Bruins.

What number did Derek Sanderson wear playing for Boston Bruins?

17 No Derek Sanderson wore number 16 for the Boston Bruins, 17 was worn by Fred Stanfield.

What hockey players wear jersey number 7?

Phil Esposito when he played for the Boston Bruins.

Who was the last member of the Boston Bruins not to wear a helmet?

Craig MacTavish was the last NHL player to not wear a helmet. He played for the Boston Bruins from 1979-1983.

What number did brad park wear for the Boston bruins?

Brad Park wore number 22 for the Boston Bruins, he wore number 2 for the New York Rangers before he was traded to Boston for Phil Esposito however that number was retired by Boston after hall of famer Eddie Shore retired hence his wearing of number 22.

Did Bobby Orr wear 30 at any time with the Boston bruins?

He did wear #27 for 3 or 4 exhibition games and was pictured once with that number. No always number 4. He might have worn 30 before the Bruins and then when he got called up to play for them the number might have been taken already. I have him in a picture and a Boston sweater #30 so what was that about?

What number did Derek Sanderson wear when he played for the Boston Bruins?

16 and 17. He wore 16 prior to his stint in the WHA. Upon his return to the NHL he wore number 17.

In the movie happy Gilmore what hockey team's jersey did Adam Sandler wear?

Boston Bruins

Do any famous sports players wear the number 5?

of course! Garnett on the Boston Celtics is #5 -Summer

What number did Wade Boggs wear in Boston?

Wade Boggs wore number 26 in Boston.

Why does Brett Favre wear number 4?

He was always number 10. That number was taken so they made him wear 4. He thought it was a stupid number at first. Now he is the number 4! HE PICKED #4 BECAUSE HE IDOLIZED GROWING UP BOBBY ORR #4 BOSTON BRUINS My explanation comes from his biography. He stated he thought the number 4 was stupid at first.

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