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Charlie Weis, Notre Dame head coach mike leach charlie weiss mike mangino paul johnson david cutcliffe george o'leary

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Q: Any college football coach that didnt play football?
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Did Jim and John Harbaugh father coach them in football while they were in college?

what college did Jim and John Harbaugh play football? Jim played at Michigan and John played at Miami. Jack did not coach his sons in college.

Is it to late to play junior college football after being at a junior college that didnt have football?

As long as you are a student you can play or at least try out. So you would have to transfer and talk to the coaches

Did John Heisman play college football?

Yes. John Heisman is a former Brown University and University of Pennsylvania college football player and coach.

What is a football coach?

a football coach is the person that teaches the football player to play better

Can a college football coach throw a flag to contest a play?

yes unless there is under two minutes left

Did ancient Greeks play football?

no they didnt

In what movie Adam Sandler play as a football coach?

not football coach but longest yard i thinkand waterboy

Where did head coach Mike Tomlin play his college football?

He was a wide receiver and also a tight end at William and Mary.

What college football team did forest gump play for?

Alabama for legendary Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant-Jim R

Dave katz college football and arena football?

Dave Katz did he play college football or arena football? Dave Katz did he play college football or arena football?

How many challenges are allowed per football game on college football.?

The coach is allowed 1 challenge per half, but unlike the NFL every play in college can be reviewed by the refs challenge or no.

Where did Clint Hurdle play college football?

did clint hurdle play college football

What college football team did Brock Lesnar play for?

He didn't play College Football.

How did college become football?

College never became football. People in college play football.

Do you need a head coach to play football?


What does a coach does in football?

Yells at the players and tells them how to play.

How long did Emmitt Smith play college football?

3 years. He left the year before "the ole ball coach" got there.

Did any of football coach rusty tillman's children play sports in college?

No. Three of them didn't go, one was an arts major.

College football players GPA?

GPA to play college football

What does it take to play college football?

it takes alot hard work and skill to play college football

What football team did John Madden play for?

he didnt play!! he coached the Raiders!

Where did Antonio gates Play college football?

Antonio Gates didn't play football in college. He went to Kent State, but didn't play football. Gates did play high school football though.

Did John Madden play football and coach and comment?


Did Mel Kiper play college football?

Mel Kiper didn't ever play college football or professional football. He went to community college of baltimore county.

Can a college level HS football player play in a college game?

If someone is a high school football player why would he be eligible to play in a college football game?