Any baseball player wear the number 80?

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2013-02-27 00:24:04

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Randy Kyle

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2013-02-27 00:24:04
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Q: Any baseball player wear the number 80?
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Do any NBA players wear number 56?


What softball players wore the number nine?

any player can wear it ;one per team only TED Williams wore it in baseball.

Does any hockey player wear number 56?

rick tabberachi

Does any football player wear number 1?

Mike Nugent on the Jets

Does any player wear number 69?

jared allen minnesota vikings

Does any famous football player wear the number 83?

Vince Papale

What Yankee player was last player ever to wear number 42?

Mariano Rivera Number 42Mariano Rivera is the last Major league ballplayer, and Yankees player still wearing uniform number 42. Major League Baseball retired Jackie Robinsons uniform number 42. No Other player on any team can wear the number. Because Mariano had the number when Robinsons number was retired he was allowed to continue wearing it. When Mariano Rivera retires from baseball the New York Yankees will retire uniform number 42 in honor him.

Can a goalie wear any number?

Goalies can wear any number but it is most common for them to wear the number 1.

Which athletes wear jersey 42?

any execpt baseball, then only on Jackie robsion day are the allowed to wear the number 42.

Did any player for New Orleans Saints wear jersey number 86?

Steven hampton

Does any football player wear number 99?

cassano fellipe some other goons

Can a player wear the number 0 in soccer?

Yeah, a player can wear any number he/she feels like. But its's up to the manager. In my team yes, Ushaly "0" is a player with no number, so if you shirt hasn't got a number yet and you were the only one on the team then they would just put you down as 0, :)

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