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Earl Campbell

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โˆ™ 2009-09-30 09:51:53
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Q: Any NFL running back that never fumbled?
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Is barefoot running good for your back?

No, bare foot running should never be done. It is very damaging for your feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower and upper back. If you are running, or partaking in any kind of excersize you should always make sure you are wearing adequate footwear.

If fumbled within 5yd line can any offensive player recover the fumble NFL?

Yes. The only rule restricting who may recover a fumble occurs in the final two minutes of a half. This rule states if the ball is fumbled forward in the last two minutes of a half, if the player that fumbled the ball is not the player that recovers the ball, then the ball goes back to the point where it was fumbled. If the player that fumbled is also the player that recovers, the ball is spotted where the recovery was made. In other words, let's say there are less than two minutes left in a half and a player is on the 5 yard line and fumbles the ball forward into the end zone. If the player that fumbled the ball also recovers the ball, the play is ruled a touchdown. If any other offensive player recovers the ball, it is not a touchdown and the ball is brought back to the 5 yard line and the offense keeps possession. If a defensive player recovers the ball, it is ruled a touchback.

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How do you keep running on the edge of a stage on SSBB?

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Is there any white running back in the NFL?

Yes,Peyton Hillis and Danny Woodhead are both Cauasian running backs in the NFL as of 2011

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What happens if the ball is fumbled?

When the ball is fumbled, it can be recovered by any player on the field. if the defense recovers the fumble, the defensive player can attempt to run the ball in order to gain yards, because once it is clear that the defense have the ball, it is officially in their possession. If the offense regains control of the ball it is an automatic first down.

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Can you name any white running back currently in the national football league?

Peyton Hillis started at running back for the Denver Broncos a couple games last year and led the team in rushing yards that year.

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