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You are describing the mast.

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Q: An upright pole that holds a boats sail?
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What is on a boat and holds up a sail?

the pole that holds up the sail is called the mast

What is a pole on a sailboat?

a pole is used on symmetrical boats, or a boat that has the spinnaker, or kite, out in front of it. An A-Symmetrical boat puts the spinnaker to the side. A-Symmetrical boats use a bowsprit to hold the sail out in front of the boat, but Symmetricals use a pole. it clips onto the mast of the boat, and the other ends holds the sail.

What is the pole on a ship that holds a sail?


A pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up the sail?

It is a mast

A pole on a sailboat that holds the sail?

The vertical pole on a sailboat is called the mast, but at the bottom of the sail is horizontal pole called a boom. On the Tall Ships, the horizontal pole AT THE TOP of the sail is called the yardarm.

The pole on a sailboat that holds the sail?

The mast.Answer:The vertical spar the sail attaches to is the Mast. The horizontal spar is called a Boom.

What is a pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up the sail called?


Do sail boats have motors?

some sail boats have moters onley big sail boats have moters not small ones

What are the poles called that are on a sailboat that holds the sails?

Mast (vertical, leading edge of sail), Boom (horizontal,bottom of sail), and a spinnaker pole if you use a spinnaker which is a sail type

Boats sail plural or singular?

Boats sail is plural. A boat sails is singular.

What do you call a sail holder?

The mast is the upright mailsail holder. A sprit is a pole that extends diagonally across a fore-and-aft sail from the lower part of the mast to the peak of the sail. Also see bowsprit. All are called sail holders. Tks, Sina.

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There are sail boats, ugly boats, pretty boats, speed boats, fun boats, unfun boats, amazingness boats! i luv boats! i own a boat!!there are sail boats row boats speed boats paddle boats

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