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Q: An olympic gold medalist im a European cup winner im an fa cup winner im a supercup winner ive been relegated from the premiership but never played in the championship and are still playing in the pr?
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What skating awards have been won by Brian Joubert?

Many skating awards have been won by Brian Joubert, including the 2007 World Championship, and the European Championship titles in 2004, 2007 and 2009. Brian Joubert is also a six-time World medalist, and ten-time European medalist.

Is Jessica ennis a gold medelist?

Yes, Jessica is World and European heptathlon gold medalist.

Who is Elena Bechke?

Elena Yurievna Bechke is a Russian former pair skater. She competed for the Soviet Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Unified Team. With partner Denis Petrov, she is the 1992 Olympic silver medalist, the 1989 World bronze medalist, and the 1991 and 1992 European silver medalist.

Is sharron Davis a gold medalist?

Sharron Davies is a Gold Medalist but is also a Silver Medalist!

When was Silver Medalist released?

Silver Medalist was released on 12/31/2008.

What was the Production Budget for Silver Medalist?

The Production Budget for Silver Medalist was $2,600,000.

Who is the India's first medalist in olympics?

India's first medalist in Olympics is Norman Pritchard.

Where can you find information on the difference between an International Medalist 22 a Medalist 22?

The Medalist was made from 1962-1974. It had a 6.75" bbl The International Medalist was made from 1977-1980. It had a 6" bbl Do some web searches and you will find information.

You are curious about a pistol you are considering to purchase It is being sold as a Medalist however the serial number is 26783U3S Is this pistol a challenger or a medalist?

It is a Challenger. A Medalist would have the product code of "T" in the sn.

When was Mark Harmon an Olympic gold medalist?

Mark Harmon never was an Olympic gold medalist. You may be confusing him with Mark Spitz who WAS an Olympic gold medalist swimmer in the 1972 Olympics.

Does Canada pay their Olympic gold medalists?

Yes, the medalists get a payment, which many have been known to contribute back to charities over the years.Gold medalist = $20,000Silver medalist = $15,000Bronze medalist = $10,000

In the men's halfpipe how many points did the Bronze medalist finish behind the gold medalist?

At the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, 5.6 points. The gold medalist, Shaun White of the United States, scored 48.4 points and the bronze medalist, Scott Lago of the United States, scored 42.8 points. Silver medalist Peetu Piiroinen of Finland scored 45.0 points.