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an Olympic size track has how may lines

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Q: An Olympic size track has how many lines?
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How long is the modern Olympic race track?

An Olympic size track is 400 meters.

Is there a difference between a olympic track and a high school track size?


How many laps around the track is 5000 meters?

5000 meters would be 12.5 laps around an Olympic size (400 meters) track.

What is the width of track in semi Olympic size pool?

100cm by 200cm

How many laps is a 10000 meter runs?

On an Olympic size track (400 meters), 25 laps = 10000 meters.

What is the size of the modern day Olympic race track?

Modern Olympic Tracks are 400m, Ancient Tracks are 440 yards

How many laps would 5000 be?

5000 meters would be 12.5 laps around an Olympic size (400 meters) track.

How much would it cost to build an Olympic size running track?

The average price of an Olympic running track of top quality, would cost around £175,000-£200,000

How many laps in 800 meters?

In swimming there are 16 laps of a 50m pool (a standard Olympic size pool) In running there are 2 laps of a 400m track (the standard athletics track)

How many laps around a running track equals 10km?

An Olympic size track is 400 meters. That would mean there are 2.5 laps for 1 kilometer, and 25 laps around a 400 meter track would equal 10 kilometers.

How many laps on track equal 25 miles?

it depends on if its an oficial size track. if its an official olympic sized track it will be 100 laps. 4 laps equals 1 mile so 4 times 25 would be 100 laps

What is the size of an Olympic doubles tennis court?

Same as the singles except the ball is allowed in the doubles lines

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