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7 (13, 22, 25, 32, 33, 42, 44, MIC)

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Q: All the numbers that were retired by the lakers?
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Is 25 a retired number for the Los Angeles Lakers?

Yes. This numbered was retired in honor of Gail Goodrich.

Who wear number 13 on the lakers?

Wilt Chamberlin wore the number 13 for the Lakers. His uniform number has been retired.

Who has worn all the retired numbers for the Chicago Cubs?


Is derek fisher still in the nba?

No his retired after being in Lakers and Thunder

The Number 25 is a retired number for the Lakers, True or False?


What was all of Wilt Chamberlain's jersey numbers?

#13 for the 76ers,#13 for the Lakers

Does Rick Fox play for the Lakers?

Rick Fox is currently retired. However, he did play for the Lakers before he retired. Fox was drafted by the Boston Celtics in the 1st round (24th pick) of the 1991 NBA Draft. He played in Boston until he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers before the 1997 season. Fox played the remainder of his career in Los Angeles, until he retired after the 2003-04 NBA season.

How many numbers have the Detroit Tigers retired?

5 retired jerseys or 6 counting Jackie Robinson 2,5,6,16 and 23 and if you want to count 42 retired by all of mlb

How many numbers have the San Diego Padres retired?

There are 5 retired numbers 6,19,31,35 and 42

Does an Major League Baseball team have no retired numbers?

No. All MLB teams have at least one retired number: Jackie Robinson's #42.

What was Jerry West's number?

Jerry West's #44 was retired by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1983.

What are the numbers retired at Fenway park?

The Jersey numbers retired by the Boston Red Sox are, 1,4,8,9,27,42