All Olympic venues

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i have no idea what they are so someone answer quickly i need to know!

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: All Olympic venues
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What was final Jeopardy for February 3 2010?

Topic: Olympic Host CitiesAnswer: This Summer Olympics host city has the highest elevation of all Summer Olympics host cities.Question: What is Mexico City?*or something like that*Olympic Venues was the category for Wednesday, February 3 2010.Olympic VenuesMexico CityMexico city

Where in London will the 2012 Olympics be held?

The games are being held all over London-Earls Court, Wembleyand Greenwich are a few areas where sports will be taking place. But the olympic stadium itself is in the olympic park in Stratford, in the borough of Newham.The 2012 Olympics will use a mixture of newly built venues, existing facilities, and temporary facilities, some of them in well known locations such as Hyde Park and Horse Guards Parade. The majority of venues have been divided into three zones within Greater London: the Olympic Zone, the River Zone and the Central Zone. In addition to these are those venues that, by necessity, are outside the boundaries of Greater London. The Olympic Zone will encompass all of the facilities within the 500 acre (2 km²) Olympic Park in Stratford. The River Zone will feature five main venues in the Thames Gateway area straddling the River Thames. The Central Zone will be formed out of all the remaining venues within Greater London. They are quite widely spread across central and West London: The sailing events for the Olympics will be held at the Weymouth and Portland international sailing academy The earlier stages of the football competition will be played at football stadia around the United Kingdom including: * Hampden Park in Glasgow * Millennium Stadium in Cardiff * Old Trafford in Manchester * St James' Park in Newcastle * Villa Park in Birmingham * National Football Stadium in Belfast

What happens to all the arenas after the Olympics are over?

they get used as concert venues etc.

Where can you find a schedule for all the Olympic events?

It is posted on the Olympic website.

When did all volleyball become an olympic sport?

When did volleyball become an olympic sport???????????? When did volleyball become an olympic sport????????????

How many Olympic rings are there?

there are actually 5 olympic rings on the olympic flag and they are all diffrent colours

How silver is in an Olympic silver medal?

the olympic is all silver nothing else

Name all of the Olympic jumps?

u spelt olympic wrong idiot

Which countries pay their Olympic atheletes?

All countried pay their Olympic atheletes.

Is there a list of all the sports venues in the United States?

The Sports Road Trip website has a list of all of the major league sports venues for baseball, football, basketball and hockey. They also have a list of some minor league and college venues. In additiion to the lists they have details, rankings and photos of many and plans to continue visiting venues as well as adding to and updating the site. You can visit the site at There is also an interesting list at that you may want to check out.

What are modern olympic games?

Olympic GamesThe olympic games is a event where all countries of their best players compete and win.

Has Australia competed in every olympic games?

Australia has competed in all Summer Olympic Games and all Winter Olympic Games except for 1924, 1928, 1932, and 1948.

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