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yes you get the goal

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Q: Air Hockey - Do you get the score when opponent accidentally hits in the puck in their goal?
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What is a score called in hockey?

its called a goal

How is the game lacrosse won?

Umm... you score more goals than the other team! You score by putting the ball into the opponent's goal, much like hockey.

How do you score a goal in hockey?

get the puck into the goal

How many points do you get in hockey if you score a goal?

One point is scored on a goal in hockey.

What do you call a score in hockey?

a goal..

What is the goal of hockey?

to defend your goal and to score on the other teams goal

What is another word for score in hockey?


What is a score in normal hockey called?

A goal.

In hockey how many points do you get if you score?

You get one points if you score a goal or an assist.

What is the puck used for in ice hockey?

You use it to shoot in opponent's goal. Hockey players use the stick to control the puck. It's basically like all sports - the ball, puck are supposed to score points.

How can a defensive hockey player score a goal?

In the same ways as any player. If they can hit the puck into the goal, they can score.