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Australia at Sydney Cricket Ground

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Q: Against which team did Anil Kumble took his 600th test wicket?
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Who was Anil Kumble 600th Test wicket victim?

Anil Kumble's 600th Test wicket was English-born Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds, on January 17, 2008.

How did Anil Kumble get his 500th Wicket?


Who is anil kumble's 400 wicket?

Darren Lehmann (Australia).

First 5 wicket haul in IPL 2008?

Anil Kumble

Who is the Highest Indian wicket taker in test matches?

Anil Kumble

Who is the highest wicket taker in Indian Cricket Team?

its anil kumble

Record of how many wickets in one inning taken by Anil Kumble?

kumble takes 10 wicket in innings against pakistan on Delhi's Firosha kotla ground.

Who bagged the first ten wicket haul intest cricket?

Anil Kumble

Whose wicket did Anil Kumble take with a broken Jaw?

Brian lara

Whose wicket did anil kumble taken with a broken jaw?

Brian lara

Who is the leading wicket taker in the test in India?

Anil Kumble with 619 wickets

Who is the highest Indian wicket taker in India test cricket?

anil kumble