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Q: Against what team do Chicago Blackhawks have the most penalty minutes in a playoff series?
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Has there ever been a penalty shot in a Stanley cup game?

Yes there was one in 2010 between Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers.

How many career penalty minutes does Bob Probert have?

In a career spent with Detroit and Chicago, Bob Probert had 3,300 minutes in the regular season and 274 playoff minutes for a career total of 3,574 PIM.

What NHL team has the most penalty minutes this season?

the pitsburgh penguins with 1215 penalty minutes

Does the powerplay end when a goal is made?

A 2 minutes penalty ends with a goal. A 5 minutes penalty not.

Who has the most penalty minutes for the Vancouver canucks?

tiger Williams

Most penalty minutes in NHL playoffs?

445 minutes

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What is a minor penalty in hockey?

Most penalties are minor, giving the player two minutes in the penalty box. A major penalty is five minutes long and reserved for infractions like 'fighting'.

How many penalty minutes has Chris Pronger gotten?

1536 minutes

Who has the most penalty minutes in nhl history?

Dave schults (aka Dave 'the hammer' schultz) with 472 penalty minutes in one season

Who scored the first penalty shot of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Édgar Barreto (Paraguay) scored the first penalty shot in the tournament against Japan after having dead-locked with their opponents for 120 minutes at 0-0.

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