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It takes a few days, beginning immediately. This is why you shouldn't train the same muscles for a few days. It takes a little less though for slow-twitch fibers, like those of your abs.

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Q: After weight lifting how long does your body build muscle?
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Do skinny people gain weight when exercising?

They can from exercises that effectively build muscle such as weight lifting. Obviously, you aren't going to gain weight from body fat. :P

How can one build muscle fast?

One can build a muscle fast by doing the following steps; weight lifting, forcing the body to adapt or progressive overload, hypertrophy training or muscle growth training and by compound and isolation exercises.

Is weightlifting a good upper body excercise?

Weight lifting is probably one of the best exercises to help you build muscle in your upper body, which in turn will build up your strength. You should aim to do weight lifting only one or two times a week, making sure to rest on in between days.

In what way muscle training is different than body exercise of weight training?

Muscle training is lifting weights and weight exercises

How can i build extra size muscle and body?

Weight training is the best way to build extra muscle and body size.

Do dietary supplements , such as those available at GNC, help build muscle tone when used in conjunction with lifting free weights ?

They don't help build muscle, but they do increase your intake of protien which is what your body needs to build muscle.

How do you build calf muscle?

You can do exercises that work that area of your body, such as lifting weights or riding a bike.Running and Biking.

When you work out do you gain weight because you build muscle?

When you do your work out , you do not gain weight , your body uses it to build muscles.

What is the average weight for a boy that is sixteen?

Your height and other factors such as your body build(muscle mass) contribute to the ideal weight for your age. Most are about 155 pounds, though it will change drastically according to what kind of activities you do, such as weight lifting, sports, etc.

What does the term failure mean in weight lifting and body building?

Failure is the point at which a muscle is no longer able to perform the work demanded. If a muscle is capable of lifting 100 lbs, 10 times, it is said to fail at that weight after 10 reps.

What is physical traning?

Physical training is weight lifting, jogging and muscle toning, basically anything that pertains to your body

What do body builders eat?

mass xxx to gain weight and build muscle