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Q: After how many failed attemps are pole vaulters eliminated?
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How many attemps were to kill Queen Victoria?

7 attempts but all failed

After how many failed attempts do polevaulters get eliminated?

A pole vaulter has 3 chances to make it over the bar

How many attempts are pole-vaulters allowed?

pole vaulters are allowed three attempts per height. i.e. three attempts at 6 ft, three at 6'6", and so on.

What is a third down conversion?

In football, you have 4 down or attemps to get so many yards, a third down conversion is where you failed to get the amount of yards on first down and second down then reach it on the third, making it first down again

How many times did the US try to kill Castro?

638 attemps

How many attempts are allowed at pole vault?

Vaulters are allowed three (3) attemtps at each height.

How many attemps did Alexander Graham Bell do before getting the telephone right?

About 8.

How many attempts did LaDainian Tomlinson have versus UTEP in 1999?

41 attemps for 406 yds

How many attemps did it take to invent the first telephone?

There is no record of how many attempts or experiments made. It is safe to assume there were several

How many attemps did it take to make a light bulb from thomas eddison?

187 light bulb atemps

How many attempts does it take someone to quit smoking?

3 attemps in most conditions of super nitrious reasons

What were the important ships that survived the attack on pearl harbor?

The Japanese failed to destroy any of the aircraft carriers. While many of the smaller ships were destroyed, only one battleship was eliminated. The USS Arizona remains at the bottom of the harbor.

How many wrestlers has Shawn Michaels eliminated total in the past royal rumble matches?

he has eliminated 25

How do you use the word eliminated in a sentence?

She answered the question incorrectly so she was eliminated from the competition. The company eliminated many of its managerial positions. Better public transportation eliminated the excessive automobile traffic in the downtown area.

How many divas were in the 2010 royal rumble?

One and it was Beth phoenix who was Gts'd by CM punk and then eliminated. She eliminated The great khali.

How can you find how smart you are?

if you have failed a grade or failed many tests.

How many banks failed in the 1933?

9,000 banks failed !

How many businesses failed during 1929-1932?

There is not an exact number of how many businesses failed during this time. However, during 1932 it is estimated that over 20,000 businesses failed.

How many banks failed in 1989?

In 1989 206 banks failed

How many banks failed in 1990?

In 1990 168 banks failed

How many syllables are in the word failed?

The word failed has one syllable.

Why did 42 attemps to kill Hitler fail?

When WWII started there were many attempts to kill Hitler, but the reason they failed? Because the people that attempted the killing decided not to at the sper of the moment. They new very well that there were consequences and they didn't want to face them, so 50o/o committed suicide afterwards. So, thanks for reading this.... and BTW my great Gpa was a close man to Hitler, he was a spy for the US, so My daddy got ALL this info from him :)

Why did Catherine the Great expand Russia?

She eliminated many colonies.

How many businesses failed during 2008-2010?

business failed 2008-2010

How many Walmart stores failed?

387 walmarts failed dont know why they are but thats my answer