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What is the Acronym for the US Pro soccer organization?

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Q: Acronym for the US Pro soccer organization?
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What is the acronym for the US Pro Soccer organization?


What is the acronym of the us pro soccer organization?


What is an acronym for the US Pro Soccer organization?

USSF is the United Stated Soccer Federation. This is the national association affiliated with FIFA and which fields the US national team. There is also MLS, which stands for Major League Soccer, and is the foremost league for professional soccer in the United States.

What is the United States pro soccer acronym?

MLS=Major League Soccer us mens national team=USMNT

Acronym for US pro soccer organization?


What is the acronym for the US-soccer?

The MLS is the professional league in the United States and it stands for Major League Soccer.

What is the pro soccer league in the US?

The top flight is MLS, Major League Soccer.

For what organization is NIDDK a common acronym?

NIDDK is a common acronym for the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. This organization is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Us pro soccer organization?

Major Leauge Soccer, MLS. If you're gonna be a real fan, support the NY Red Bulls. If you're a fair weathered one, try Seatlle Sounders or LA Galaxy

How much does a us pro soccer player make?


How many outdoor pro soccer teams are in the US?

By pro I guess you mean MLS which is the first tier of American soccer, in that case it's 15 teams.

Who is the most famous pro soccer player in the US?

David Beckham

Which was a pro-Nazi organization in the US in the 1930s?

The German American Bund

What is acronym for CONMEBOL?

Strictly-speaking, CONMEBOL is not an acronym but a blended word or portmanteau for CONfederación sudaMEricana de FútBOL, FIFA's South American confederation of football (soccer in the US).

Acronym for us securities and exchange commission?

The acronym is US SEC.

What are the acronyms for US Pro soccer?

Some acronyms for U.S. Pro Soccer would include the USSF which stands for the United States Soccer Federation and there are also three professional soccer league divisions under the United States Soccer Federation. Division I, the strongest and highest division, is made up of teams from MLS or Major League Soccer. Division II is made up of teams from the NASL or the North American Soccer League. Division III, the weakest and lowest division, is made up of teams from the USL Pro, or United Soccer Leagues Professional Division.

How do you become a pro soccer player in the US My parents won't spend too much time on travel or money on traig. My only dream is to play soccer and I wouldn't be fulfilled in like if I wasn't.?

One can become a pro in soccer by joining a team around the area of residence. Then do a lot of practice.

Do you need to be a US citizen to play pro soccer at the US?

On the national team you need to be 50% american. if you're talking about club teams, no.

Who makes more money a pro baseball player or a pro soccer player?

In America baseball players get more money. In the world soccer players get more money. I know a great soccer player who plays in Barcalona was offered 100,000,00 pounds. That means that in the US that would equel 200,000,000 pounds.

What does BUFU mean?

The acronym may mean "by us for us" and may be a misstatement of the acronym FUBU.

What is the name of the organization of woman in the US Army?

During World War 2, women in the Army were called WACs, and acronym of Women Army Corps.

What does the US Pro Life movement support?

The US Pro Life movement supports the legal prohibition or restriction of abortion. This movement includes more than one organization, and hope to make elective abortions illegal.

What is a important time in mia hamm s life?

When she became a pro- women's soccer player. or, perhaps when she retired and was recognized as one of the most well- known women's soccer players in the US.

What is the average amount of money that pro soccer players make?

In the US' top pro league the average salary is around $90k annually. For the Premiership (England) pay is around $100k/month.

Is US an adverb?

No, it is an acronym

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