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Jackie Robinson was the first black Baseball player to play in the major leagues. He played for the Dodgers, and although many boycotted he and his team held strong.

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Q: Accomplishments in civil rights by Jackie Robinson?
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How did Jackie Robinson influence Civil Rights in 1949?

Yes, Jackie Robinson has an influence on the civil rights movement

What did Jackie Robinson do after his Baseball career?

Jackie Robinson worked for Chock Full'o Nuts as a spokesperson and his efforts advanced to the civil rights movement

Why did Jackie Robinson become part of the civil rights movement?

because he was a baseball player

What did Jackie Robinson do after baseball?

after baseball Jackie Robinson went to go work at chock full o' nuts as a spokesman and then in his efforts he advanced the civil rights.

How did Jackie Robinson contribute to the Civil Rights Movement?

Jackie Robinson contributed to the Civil Rights Movement. He was the first black player on a professional team. He had to endure name calling, and people trying to prevent him from playing or traveling with the team. He did it with dignity and grace.

Who was an important sports figure in the Civil Rights Movement not including Jackie Robinson or Ali?

Joe Louis

What were Jackie Robinson's beliefs?

fighting against prejustice, to give black people rights and he made lasting impact on civil rights

What baseball player a Brooklyn Dodgers legend and civil rights hero was born on this day in 1919?

Jackie Robinson.

What baseball plaer and civil rights hero a Brooklyn dodgers legend was born on this day in 1919?

Jackie Robinson

How did branch rickey impact civil rights?

signed Jackie Robinson (fist black baseball player in the MLB)

How did Jackie Robinson's career as a professional baseball player serve the cause of the civil rights?

D. All of the above

What significance did Jackie Robinson have on the civil rights movement?

Baseball is an American treasure. When Jackie Robinson began playing for Brooklyn, he broke barriers and dealt with a lot discrimination. He handled it with courage and inspired others and helped to change the opinion of others. This all helped the Civil Rights Movement.

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