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Flag football or touch football

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2009-05-22 20:17:14
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2020-09-08 12:29:03

Flag football

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Q: A type of football game that does not involve tackling?
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What is a type of football that doesn't involve tackling?

touch & flag

Where can you find definitions of the football terms such as 'Tackling' 'Screen Toss' 'Punt' and 'Hooker'?

go to google and type in football

What is the other type of football game besides flag and tackle?

Touch Football

What type of kick starts the game of football?


What type of play starts a football game?

A running play.

What type of kick is used to start a football game?

It is the kick off.

What is a football game played with an oval ball?

Some football type games with a oval ball are AFL (Australian Football League*), American Football and Rugby.

What kind of noun is football?

The noun 'football' is a common, compound noun. The noun 'football' is a concrete, singular noun as a word for a type of ball. The noun 'football' is an abstract, uncountable noun as a word for a game and a type of sport.

What type of game is football fantasy?

The game football fantasy is an online game for any sort of football fanatic. You are able to create your own online team and act as if you were the coach of the team. Some even get you prizes depending on how well your team does.

What is a football in soccer?

In soccer, the "football" is what they call the specific type of ball used in the game. The Laws of the Game define the exact size, shape, material, and pressure that is to be used.

Which game is playing within the gap of 35-35 minutes?

Type your answer here...Football

What is a football bowl?

Every level of football has some type of bowl game. A bowl game is just a football game that is played between the two of the best teams in there conference/league. The winner of the bowl game usually takes home a prize of some sort and marks the end of there current season.

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