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i think it is mast i think it is mast

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Q: A tall pole that supports the sails of a boat?
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What is the tall pole on which the sails of a ship are hung?

The mast

What is a tall pole on a ship called?

mast-a vertical spar to support sails on a ship

What is called the tall vertical pole on a boat?

A mast

What is a tall pole on ship called?

mast-a vertical spar to support sails on a ship

A boat with tall masts and huge canvas sails is called?

A Tall Ship. A Caravel. A Bark. A Brigantine. A Clipper Ship. A Brig.

What does living mast mean?

tall upright post, spar, or other structure on a ship or boat, in sailing vessels generally carrying a sail or sails.

What is the name of the tall poles to which the sails of some watercraft are attached?

Sails are attached to the mast.

A tall pole that holds sails on a boat?

There are several poles that hold sails. The one you are probably refering to is the mast, which is vertical and usually at least the length of the ship. Some designs can have more than one mast, in which case there are several different names for various arrangements, and the masts have different names as well. Another type of pole that holds a sail is the boom, which is a spar that connects the bottom edge of the mainsail to the mast so it can be controlled. Other types include spinnaker poles and whisker poles, which allow the use of different headsails to make the boat faster or more efficient.

How tall is a totem pole?

The average totem pole is between 10 and 20 feet tall

A tall pole on a sailing ship?

You are describing the mast.

What is a mast?

Those tall poles on sailing ships that are responsible for holding the sails aloft.

How tall are electric poles?

Typically, there are three sizes: 30 feet, 60 feet, and 90 feet. One third of the pole is in the ground, so a 30 foot pole will be 20 feet tall, a 60 foot pole will be 40 feet tall, and a 90 foot pole will be 60 feet tall.

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