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Q: A professional basketball game is made up of 4 of these?
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A professional basketball game is made up of four of these?

A professional basketball game is made up of 4 quarters.

In basketball a professional game is made up of four of these?


What are the Composition of basketball game?

The composition of a basketball game is what the game is made up of. The composition includes players, a ball, and two nets.

Who made up the game of basketball?

James naismith

What is pro-am basketball?

Pro-Am means Professional-Amateur. It basically means newbies get a chance to team up with the pros and play a game of basketball.

Can athletes compete in the Olympics if they are paid professional athletes?

Yes they can. The U.S. Olympic basketball team is made up of professional basketball players. Kobe Bryant to name just one.

A professional game is made up of four of these?


What is a typical day for a professional basketball player?

a typical day is to wake up get dress and to go to a game or practice

What is the average price for a basketball?

The average price of a basketball is about $20.00. $15 for a good starter one, and up to $60 for a professional, quality basketball.

How many breaks are there in basketball game that is made up four quarters?

4 and 4 time out for each half

What is wrong with kemyatta in basketball?

air balling at P.E. and her and reamon did not beat dakota and erin in the game they made up.

What was the first basketball game like?

The first ball game was with a bucket( used as a hoop. And if the ball made it into the bucket, you would climb up a latter to get it

How does the basketball game start?

the basketball game starts when the referrie throughs the ball up and then the 2 players go for the ball

What does the center have to do in a basketball game?

The center in a basketball game should post up, rebound the ball, play defense, and score.

Why the game called basketball?

When the game started, the net was made of waste paper baskets with holes in the bottom to allow a broom handle to poke up and get the ball back.

Why did James decide to invent basketball?

James Naismith was given 14 days to come up with an indoor game at his YMCA facility. The game he came up with was basketball.

Is shooting around a game of basketball?

No it is a way to warm up, but is not a game

What was the first basketball made of in the first basketball game?

When people started playing basketball they were using a soccer ball and a peach basket. When or if they made it in they would have to clime up something and get the ball out everytime, but then they decided to put a hole in the basket so that the ball would drop through. I hope this is helpful

How long did a basketball game last in original rules?

The game was made up of two fifteen mintue halves, with five minutes of rest in between according to Naismiths original rules.

Was Kobe Bryant rich growing up?

His dad was a professional basketball yes

How many people play basketball in America?

15.5 million people play basketball in America. Most of these play pick up games and a few play semi pro or professional basketball.

What are some basketball cheers that basketball teams does before a game to get pumped up?

Go to youtube lookup team basketball pumpup rituals

How do you post up in a basketball game?

You just play your best like god made you okay who ever you are God bless You and Your Family

Lay-up shot is a term associated with which game?


Who came up with the game of basketball?

Dr. James Naismith

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