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It is a mast

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Q: A pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up the sail?
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What is a pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up the sail called?


A pole on a sailboat that holds the sail?

The vertical pole on a sailboat is called the mast, but at the bottom of the sail is horizontal pole called a boom. On the Tall Ships, the horizontal pole AT THE TOP of the sail is called the yardarm.

The pole on a sailboat that holds the sail?

The mast.Answer:The vertical spar the sail attaches to is the Mast. The horizontal spar is called a Boom.

What are the poles called that are on a sailboat that holds the sails?

Mast (vertical, leading edge of sail), Boom (horizontal,bottom of sail), and a spinnaker pole if you use a spinnaker which is a sail type

What is on a boat and holds up a sail?

the pole that holds up the sail is called the mast

What is the pole on a ship that holds a sail?


What is a pole on a sailboat?

a pole is used on symmetrical boats, or a boat that has the spinnaker, or kite, out in front of it. An A-Symmetrical boat puts the spinnaker to the side. A-Symmetrical boats use a bowsprit to hold the sail out in front of the boat, but Symmetricals use a pole. it clips onto the mast of the boat, and the other ends holds the sail.

An upright pole that holds a boats sail?

You are describing the mast.

A four letter word for a pole that holds a sail?


This type of power allows a sailboat to sail?

The wind is what causes a sailboat to sail.

Why does a sailboat sail?

its sails

Sailboat is to sail as?

Sailboat is to sail as kite is to fly, just as airplane is to wing and oil tanker is to engine.

Is sailboat a compound word?

Yes, sailboat is a compound word. (sail + boat = sailboat)

What type of sailboat is hull?

A sailboat without a sail is but a hull of itself.

What is a sailboat with a triangular sail called?

It is called the lateen sail.

What is a leach on a sailboat?

It is a part of the sail.

What are the syllables in sailboat?


What does the jib do on a sailboat?

Collects wind, it is a triangular sail placed at the front of the sailboat.

What is a sail on a sailboat called? just said the answer. its called a sail

A sailboat is operating under sail at night?

A sailboat can certainly be operating under sail at night. Sailboats use their sails when there is enough wind to carry them.

Name every part of a sailboat?


What type of boat requires wind to sail?

A sailboat.

How many syllables in sailboat?

two. sail - boat.

What is the rigging pole that holds the top of a square sail on old ships called?

yardarm - an extension would be a sprit

A sailboat under sail is about to cross paths with a PWC. What action should be taken?

A sailboat under sail is about to cross paths with a PWC. What action should be taken?

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