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They would be called an archer.

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Q: A name for someone who does archery?
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What is the word for someone who loves archery?

An archer is someone who enjoys archery.

Where can someone test out there new archery sight?

You can test out a new archery sight at the various archery areas. You can find an archery by searching for them in your range, with help from the internet people.

What is the alternate name for archery?

An alternate name for the Archery is Bowmanship, also, the love for Archery is called Toxophily.

What do you call someone who practices archery?

An archer

Toxopholist is technical name for what type of person?

It is a person who practices archery.

What is a toxophilite?

someone who is good at & enjoys archery.

Did they play archery with guns?

No. They play archery with bows and arrows. They play with guns but change the name.

Sport practiced by toxophilites?

A toxophilite is someone who enjoys archery.

What is the name of the god of archery?


Who has won the most medals for archery in the Olympics?

someone in korea i think

What is the name of a person participating in archery?

An archer.

What is the name of archery target ring?

The face ;)

What is the Minimum age that can compete in the Olympic Archery Games?

18 dumb kid haha. no. i know someone who's going into archery Olympics @ the age of 16.

What is Paul's name of Paul's Archery?

Paul Eiland

What is the name of the sports which uses bow and arrows?


Where did the name mathews archery come from?

Matt McPherson

What is the meaning of the name Jumong?

Legendary Archery Skills

How did the french and Britain make archery?

one day the french throught it would be a good idea to make a bow and arrow and name it archery

What is the full name of the international archery organization responsible for archery at the Olympic Games?

That would be the Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc - or International Archery Federation. Click on the FITA link below for complete information from the FITA website.The "International Archery Federation" link is no longer in service.

Whats the name for something that holds archery arrows?


What is a better known name for toxophily?

the love of archery by sacksy

What name is given to an arm guard used in archery?

A Bracer

What is the name of the sport where athletes shoot a bow and arrow?


What is the Name of center of archery target?

the centre of an archery target is called the gold . this is because it is gold in colour,all rings have a different colour.

What was the name of the brother of Artemis?

He was Apollo, the god of the sun, music, and archery.