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A female Ballet dancer is called a ballerina. She is a beautiful, graceful, hardworking girl.

A dancer, a ballet dancer, a danseuse or a ballerina (an all-purpose compliment for every girl who dances).

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Q: A female ballet dancer what is called?
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Related questions

What is the name of the leading female dancer in ballet called?

The leading female ballet dancer in a company is usually named the prima ballerina, or something similar.

What is a ballerina?

A ballerina is a dancer that performs all of the beautiful moves of ballet.

What do you call a main female ballet performer?

The main female ballet dancer is known as the prima ballerina who is the leading woman dancer in a ballet company.

Who is the first female black ballet dancer?

Lauren Anderson was the first female black ballet dancer to be a principal of a company

What do you call a ballet dancer in French?

You would call a female dancer a "danseuse" and a male dancer a "danseur". At the Paris Opera Ballet the best dancers are called "étoiles", which means stars in French.

If a female is a ballerina what is a male ballet dancer called?

There are several names for male dancers. Ballerino, Premier Danseur or just a male dancer.

What is the masculine of ballerina?

The term "danseur" is a French term meaning "male ballet dancer." Just as "danseuse" is the female equivalent. And the term "ballerina" actually is an Italian phrase for the PRINCIPAL female ballet dancer. But it has since been used by now to label ANY female taking ballet. Still, just as "ballerina" is a female ballet dancer--"ballerino" is the male equivalent in Italian.

What is a classical dancer called?

You may be referring to a Ballet Dancer

Who is the greatest black female ballet dancer?

Reyanna Daniel

Who is a famous English female ballet dancer?

Darcy Bussell

Who is the best ballet dancer in the world?

Mikhail Baryshinokov is the best male or female ballet dancer in the world. from Sara Massei usa my peeps!

Who was famous female west African ballet dancer?

rinaa showerla

Female ballet dancer?

Adeline Pastor is a dancer who was known for her amazing pirouettes. She trained in France and later in Cuba.

What do you call a female dancer in a ballet?

A ballerina.The term "ballerina" refers to a PRINCIPAL dancer in a ballet company, not any girl who takes ballet. Although now the term seems to apply to any little lady in the craft. The real term (though little-known) for a female dancer other than the principal dancer is "danseuse."--A MALE Ballet Dancer, Dane Youssef

What is a Ballet Dancer called?

Most dancers prefer to be called a ballet dancer, versus a ballerina, because the name ballerina is normally associated with pink fluffy tutus and music box ballerinas. A ballet dancer is in connotation with the elegant form of ballet. In addition, guy dancers are called ballet dancers. Another slang word for a ballet dancer (often used among dancers towards each other) is a bunhead. This is a light-hearted word that refers to how ballet dancers always wear their hair in a bun, in or outside of the studio!

What is the difference between male and female ballet moves?

If you are a ballerina (girl dancer) you can dance en pinte when you are strong enough. If you are a male ballet dancer you do alot more jumps and you lift the ballerinas (female dancers) up. Hope I helped!

Is 150 pounds too heavy for a ballet dancer?

Male, no. Female, yes.

We have ballerina but what is a male ballet dancer called?


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What is a female ballet dancer called?

BallerinaThe funny thing is that the term "ballerina" refers to a PRINCIPAL dancer in a ballet company, not any girl who takes ballet. But now the term seems to apply to any little lady in the craft. But... the real official term (though little-known) is "danseuse."

Who is a great ballet dancer?

Sena Sato is a great ballet dancer

Who is the most famous ballet dancer?

The most famous female ballet dancer ever was Anna Pavlova oF the Ballet Russes in the early 1900s. She was the first modern ballerina and has set the standard of what a ballet dancers body should be like that is still used today. Then came Margot Fonteyn in the 1960s. And then Sylvie Guillem of Paris Opera Ballet in the 1980s.

How much should a female ballet dancer weigh that is 5foot?

Less than 100 pounds

What is a person who dances at the ballet called?

a ballerina, although usually that phrase is used mostly for girls! A male Ballet Dancer is called a Ballerino

What is the opposite gender of danseur?

The opposite gender of a danseur (male) is a danseuse (female). It is commonly used to refer to a female ballet dancer.