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Q: A famous premiership football player with ADHD?
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What famous singers have had ADHD?

Famous singers and composers who have or had ADHD include:BeethovenCherTom SmothersWill SmithAvril Lavigne

Who are famous women with ADHD?

if you mean famous women with ADHD : Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Connelly and Dakota Fanning have it.

What famous people have Adult ADHD?

not sure

Can kids with ADHD become professional football players?

Yes. Kids with ADHD can become many things as long as there ADHD does not affect how well they perform there job.

What famous people have ADHD?

Michael Phelps, Ty Pennington, Willa Holland and Hayley Williams have ADHD.

Is there a professional soccer player with ADHD?

Vince Grella has severe ADHD, but controls it through intense medication

Is there a Irish professional soccer player with ADHD?

There is one, the player's name is Roy Keane.

How do you prevent attention deficit disorder?

People are born with ADHD, there are two major causes of ADHD. The first on is genes, you can't change genes, if ADHD is in your genes you can't prevent it. Just because ADHD is in your genes doesn't mean that theres a 100% chance of passing it on to your child. The second is environmental factors such as smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Children exposed to lead or toxins at an early age have a higher risk of ADHD. The best thing you can do to prevent ADHD is not smoke or drink alcohol during pregnancy. ADHD is not a bad thing. People with ADHD are not stupid, there are many famous people with ADHD such as Michael Jordan and Justin Timberlake.

What is the famous "Adhd diet" for children?

Some fruits and vegetables help to boost the brain cells, which is what ADHD children are in need of. Balance their meals with bananas, apples, and other fruit.

Who are some famous people with learning disabilities?

Jay Leno - dyslexia Whoopi Goldberg - dyslexia and ADD Donald Trump - OCD Tom Cruise - dyslexia Magic Johnson - ADD Jessica Alba - OCD and ADHD Eva Longoria - ADHD Keira Knightley - dyslexia and ADHD Howie Mandel - ADD Jim Carrey - ADHD Alyssa Milano - dyslexia and ADHD Michelle Rodriguez - ADD Orlando Bloom - dyslexia Justin Timberlake - OCD and ADD Avril Lavigne - ADHD Kurt Cobain - ADHD

What famous people have Attention Deficit Disorder that children would know?

Actress Brittany Snow has ADHD

Can gerbils get ADHD?

Sometimes they can get ADHD.

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