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Q: A decision on which all members of a team agree is what?
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Why should a basketball coach keep a basketball player on the team?

If you cast your team at the start of the season then they have to do something extremly extreme to by kicked of the team and its also as much of the teams decision as much as the coaches so they all have to agree to kick someone of the team.

How team communication and decision making strategies?

Effective team communication and decision-making strategies involve clear, open, and consistent communication channels, such as regular meetings and collaborative tools. Encourage active listening, where all team members feel valued and understood. Establish a structured decision-making process, like consensus or majority vote, ensuring transparency and fairness. Use data and diverse perspectives to inform decisions. Promote an inclusive culture where everyone can voice their opinions without fear. Implement feedback loops to continuously improve communication and decision processes. By fostering a collaborative and respectful environment, teams can make well-informed decisions efficiently and cohesively.

How do you assign 3 players in WWE raw ultimate impact?

Go to team management then assighn the members to a new blank the steps are listed below Step one: Go to my then go to team management Step two: Open up a new team in one of the blanks if all the blanks are filled then deleate a team that you don't like if all the teams are filled anyways you probably added more teams if you didn't you probably have a used game Step three: After opening up your team use the thumb stick at the top that says members add your members then press decision Step four: After you have chose your members give a name the proceed to decision

Why is it important that all jury members agree to a verdict?

The requirement for a unanimous verdict helps ensure that the decision reflects the collective judgment of the whole jury, promoting fairness and credibility in the justice system. It also helps prevent rushed or coerced decisions, fostering a more thorough and thoughtful deliberation process.

If all justices of of the US Supreme Court agree on a decision what kind of opinion do they write?

The opinion of the Court may be unanimous; however, individual justices may also write concurring opinions. Alternately, all members of the Court may agree on a decision but not be willing to sign the opinion to prevent it from being cited as precedent in future cases, in which case they would write a per curiam opinion.

What happens to a decision in the UN when a county dissagrees?

Not sure but I think nothing happens at all unless all agree Not sure but I think nothing happens unless all agree

Is a random sample ten team members tell the sample represents the population?

Not if they are all members of the same team!

A club has 60 male members and 50 female members if the club is to have a contest where there are all male teams competing what is the most members a team can have?

The most members a team can have is 30 members to give them an even amount of team members.

Do all team members walk out during the opening ceremony at the Olympics?

No, some team members can elect not to participate in the opening ceremony.

All the members of the team were ready for the game?

were getting

Do you agree we need to respect action women more?

I agree - indeed , all members of a society regardless of gender should be repected equally .

Do all participants receive medals in olympic relays?

All team members receive a medal earned by their team.