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Mechanical Energy

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Q: A bowling ball striking the pins is an example of which type of energy?
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A bowling ball striking the pins is kinetic or potential energy?

This is considered kinetic energy because it is moving. If it was potential energy, it would be just sitting, with stored energy.

The energy associated with a bowling ball knocking down bowling pins is?

The bowling ball transfers its kinetic energy (energy of movement) to the stationary bowling pins.

Which device is used for converting potential energy into kinetic energy?

There is no "device" that is used to convert potential energy (PE) to kinetic energy (KE). PE is energy of position, for example, a bowling ball held over your head has the potential of breaking your foot if it were to fall. KE is energy of motion, for example, the energy the bowling ball has as it is falling toward your foot. The amount of PE the bowling ball had when it was motionless at some height above your head is approximately equal to the amount of KE the bowling ball has just before it lands on your foot.

What must robin do to increase the kinetic energy of the bowling ball?

thow the bowling ball as hard as u can

Example of kinetic energy?

Anything that had potential energy then converted to kinetic energy. A good example would a ball. If you are playing bowling and you are swinging the ball backwards and about to through it foward, the ball has potential energy. Once you release it, and while the ball is falling it has kinetic energy. The energy of the changes from potential to kinetic energy. Hope this helps XD

What is the example of fiction?

A rolling Bowling Ball

How does a bowling ball being rolled down a bowling alley have kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy a moving body - in this case, the bowling ball - has. The ball actually has two forms of kinetic energy: rotational and translational. The rotational energy is the energy of it's spin, and the translational energy is the energy of it's motion towards the pins.

Which one has more kinetic energy and why a bowling ball and a gulf ball?

If both are moving at the same speed, then the bowling ball has more kinetic energy because of its greater mass.

What is an example of close skills?

striking a stationary ball

When does a bowling ball have energy?

After you have released it, it has kinetic energy = 1/2mv2

When a bowling ball hits the pins at the end of the what energy from the ball is?

Answer=Transferred to the pins.

Which has more kinetic energy beach ball or bowling ball?

If they are both moving at the same speed, then it would be the bowling ball because of its greater mass.

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