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Q: A baseball player made six hits in nine innings. What is the ratio of hits to innings?
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How do you figure out whip in baseball?

walks plus hits divided by innings pitched

What does H9 mean in baseball pitching stats?

It refers to hits allowed per nine innings pitched.

What does it mean to have a pitcher in baseball scatter hits?

This probably means that if he gave up, say, 5 hits over 6 innings, maybe 1 in each of the first 5 innings. In other words, he didn't give up all 5 hits to 5 consecutive batters.

What is the record for most hits in a game?

Most hits in a game with 9 innings is 7 by Wilbert Robinson(1892) and Rennie Stennett(1975). Most hits in a game with extra innings is 9 by Johnny Burnett(1932) and he did it in 18 innings.

Which is better a lower whip or a higher whip in baseball?

A lower one because whip is walks + hits / innings pitched. so the less the walks and hits the lower the whip.

Which player had the highest ratio of hits to RBI over a season?

dave kingman

What does WHIP stands for?

Walks and hits per innings pitched.

What kind of music do baseball player like?

Baseball players like "just the hits."

What is the ratio of hits to walks in lowest terms of Vaughn had 27 hits 2 strikeouts and 9 walks this baseball season?

3 to 1

Baseball player with the most hits?

pete rose

Who hits maximum sixes in an innings?

i did...51 sixes in 129 balls..

What is the ratio of a player who hits 268 in 509 at-bats?

A player who hit .268 in 509 at bats collected 136 hits. Batting average is determined by the number of hits divided by the number of at-bats. X/509 = .268