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I will assume that the ball is being kicked horizontally. We will use newtons second law F = ma. If we plug in the force and the mass, then solve for acceleration, we get an acceleration of 1860.465116 m/s2. (Make sure to convert grams to kilograms, ie 430g goes to .430 kilograms). We then multiply this value by the amount of time that the force acted on the ball, in this case .01. The ball will therefore fly off at 18.6 meters per second.

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Q: A 430-g soccer ball lying on the ground is kicked with a force of 800 N If the kick lasts 0.01 s the ball flies off with a speed of?
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Which force causes a soccer ball to fall to the ground after it has been kicked up in the air?

The force pulling objects back towards the Earth is gravity.

What will happen to a soccerball when it is kicked?

the soccer ball will move because a force has acted on it.

What are the action and reaction forces when kicking a soccer ball?

the action force is your foot when u strike the ball the reaction force is the ball being kicked

What are the action and reaction forces when you kick a Soccer ball?

the action force is your foot when u strike the ball the reaction force is the ball being kicked

Why does Isaac Newton's first law mainly explain inertia?

The object at rest will remain at rest unless there is an outside force applied. Example: There is a basketball on the floor. Suddenly, a soccer player kicked it. Explanation: While the basketball is on the floor, it applies force, that is why it is stable--not moving. Then when the soccer player kicked the ball, that is the time that an outside force was applied.

Possible miles per hour speed of a kicked soccer ball?

The possible speed of a kicked soccer ball varies directly with the force applied over a certain area of the soccer ball, but average speeds are between 20 and 60 miles per hour, while the highest would be upwards of 90 and 100 miles per hour.

Eddie kicked a soccer ball with 95 N of force. His foot connected with the ball for 0.03 m. How much work did Eddie do on the ball?

2.85 J.

What will happen if you kick a soccer ball?

This would not be possible because the moon has less gravity than earth does and it would just float up.

What is an average velocity of a kicked soccer ball?

you cant find an average, because NO-ONE kicks at exactly the same amount of speed and force as any other person.

What is the force of friction of grass on a soccer ball with a weight of 45 kg?

Also, if four kids (weighing 198.4kg., 154.32kg, 275.57kg, and 444.92kg) kicked the same soccer ball 55 yard how would the increase in mass effect the kick?

What force makes a soccer ball stop?

The force of friction stops the soccer ball

Which describes a force acting on an object?

a ball that moves when kicked