8 run rule in college softball?

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8 or more runs after 5 innings.

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Q: 8 run rule in college softball?
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ten inch softball

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What is a 8 letter sport?

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What are the dimensions of a softball mound?

Softball doesn't have a raised mound. In fast pitch softball, there is a circle with an 8 foot diameter drawn around the pitcher's plate.

What is the difference in 31 length 21 oz. -8 softball bat and 31length 21 oz -10 softball bat?

There is no such thing as a 31 length 21 oz. -8 softball bat. The -8 stands for the difference in the length and weight of the bat. Meaning..31 minus 21 will never equal 8

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There is no time allotment in girls basketball. They can take as much time as they want. There is a 10 second rule in boys high school and college ball. The NBA has an 8 second rule.

How tall is the outfield fence in fastpitch softball?

The height of an outfield fence in fastpitch softball is generally between 4 and 8 feet.

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