5 sports in which friction is used?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Pretty much all that don't involve sliding/gliding, such as skating and skiing.

Start with the running sports.

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Q: 5 sports in which friction is used?
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Can someone tell you 5 sports in which Friction is used and 5 where it is not used?

track. anything that has to do with running. you use friction when running. but as for the 5 without use of friction then i have no idea

What sports uses static or friction?


What sports have specially designed clothes to reduce friction?

Swimming and some speed sports.

How does static friction play a role in different sports?

action and reaction, the ball moves with force, it stops with friction .

Why is friction not as useful in some winter sports?

Ice skating does not require any friction because the skater needs to glide on the ice and if there was any friction on ice the skater would have trouble to skate smoothly on the ice. That is why ice skating does not require any friction at all from my perspective.

How does gravity and friction affect sports?

This is because it slows you down and it means that you will get hot feet

2 ways that friction can be used in a structure?

Friction is important for all sports. Without it it becomes really hard to accelerate For example a 100m sprinter. It would be great for him if there wasnt any air resistance (as long as he can breath). But he needs friction on the floor to push himself forward. However friction is less useful in hockey, skiing, and almost all types of boarding(snowboarding, wakeboarding, kneeboarding,

What types of friction aren't used much?

There are three types of friction and all are all actually used often. These are static friction, rolling friction, and sliding friction.

What does friction have to do with friction?

The type of force used.

What are the three basic laws of friction and how do they apply to sports?

Newton's 3 laws...

What sports increase friction?

Bowling, curling, and tennis

What are 5 types of friction?

1. Static2. Sliding3. Rolling4. Air5. Fluid