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Offsides and obstruction

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Q: 2 offences a player is likely to commit in soccer?
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What would an avid soccer player be most likely to do?

An avid soccer player would be most likely to play soccer.

How likely is it for a soccer player to score a midfield goal?

It depends on which soccer player it is and what division.

How do you play the offences of soccer?

you just get the ball and shoot ed

Most famous soccer player from Brazil?

Most likely Pele

What are the benefits of having good flexibility if you are a soccer player?

Answerif you have good flexibilty in soccer you are less likely to injure yourself.

In soccer can a substitute player be given a foul?

A foul can only be committed by a player, against an opponent, on the field of play, and while the ball is in play. A substitute is not a player and cannot commit a foul.

Who gets more money a male soccer player or a female soccer player?

The likely answer is that male soccer players will make more money. This is because male soccer has a larger audience, and therefore gets more attention from corporate sponsorships.

What do you call a soccer player?

soccer player.

What does a soccer player have to do in order to receive a yellow or red card?

There are 7 cautionable offenses and 7 send-off offenses specific in the Laws of the Game. A player must commit one of them.

Where are soccer jobs most likely to be located?

Soccer jobs are most likely to be located in soccer fields. Did that answer your question? :)

Who is more paid a soccer player or basketball player?

A soccer player.

Did Brazilian Soccer team ever commit suicide?

yes they all did

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