2008 Europe's 5 richest clubs

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Number one, Manchester City, since the Arab takeover. [EDIT] 1. Real Madrid CF 351.8 Spain

2. Manchester Utd 315.4 England

3. Barcelona 291.1 Spain

4. Chelsea 284.4 England

5. Arsenal 264.2 England

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Q: 2008 Europe's 5 richest clubs
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Who are First five richest club in the world?

The five richest clubs are 1) Real Madrid, 2) Manchester United, 3) Barcelona, 4) Chelsea, 5 A.c.Milan.

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Top 5 richest clubs in the AFL?

hawthorn, geelong, westernbulldogs, Adelaide and collingwood West Coast Eagles is actually the richest because 97% of WA support them, their membership numbers are higher than that of any club and they had a $44.5m turnover last yeah even after their dreadful year.

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