2007 Big Ten vs ACC results?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The ACC won 8 games, while the Big 10 only won 3. The ACC leads the all-time series 9-0.

Here's every game's results:

North Carolina 66 Ohio State 55

Indiana 83 Georgia Tech 79

Michigan State 81 NC State 58

Duke 82 Wisconsin 58

Florida State 75 Minnesota 61

Clemson 61 Purdue 58

Maryland 69 Illinois 61

Wake Forest 56 Iowa 47

Virginia 94 Northwestern 52

Virginia Tech 66 Penn State 61

Boston College 77 Michigan 64

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All time record favors the ACC 56-30, after the 2007 challenge. The ACC has won all 9 challenges.

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Q: 2007 Big Ten vs ACC results?
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