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Bayern Munich and Valencia, which the former won on penalties.

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Q: 2000-2001 eufa champions league finalist
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Which club has most EUFA Champions league trophies?

EUFA champiom winers

Which Italian teams have won the eufa champions league?

Three italian teams have won the Champions League. These are AC Milan , Inter Milan and Juventus.

How much money do eufa champions league winners get?

Barcelona this years champion league winner got 110 million pounds.

What is the date of the EUFA champions league final?

The date for the final of the hampion league is to be held in Rome, on Romas ground, on the 29th of may 2009

Which player has won the premier league cup winners cup eufa cup been relegated but never played in the championship or and won the champions league?

Nwankwo Kanu.

Did anyone ever score 4 goals in soccer?

Recently, Lionel Messi scored four times against Arsenal in the EUFA Champions League

How many corner kicks did Chelsea play against bayer munich in the first 90minutes of the game 2012 eufa champions league?

One corner kick

Name of football player who has won champions league eufa cup European super cup English premiership and was relegated but did not play in the championship?

nicky butt

When is the eufa cup final?

Eufa Cup final is 20 May in Istanbul

Which team has the best record in eufa champions league?

man u, dh it's just the best dh, it is obviously not manchester united! a number of clubs have won 5 or more times, united have not, liverpool have, facts speak for themselves, dh

What year did liverpol win facup league cup and eufa cup?

2001 - they beat Arsenal (FA Cup), Birmingham (League Cup) and Alaves (UEFA Cup).

Who was the only player to win world cup eufa cup European cup and four divisions of football league?

David john

Who won eufa eurocup 2012?


What is it rangers can do it but Celtic can't Chelsea can Liverpool can't arsenal can villa can't man utd could do it but probably wouldn't want to?

with the champion's league, eufa cup/europa league and cup winners cup

Which EUFA Cup final did Jim McCluskey of Scotland referee?


How many EUFA super cup did FC Barcelona have so far?


How many times have Liverpool one the EUFA cup?

Three times, 1973, 1976 and 2001

Who was the first irishman to win the eufa European cup?

Tony Dunne Manchester United 1968

How many times have Liverpool fc won the supper cup?

If by super cup, you mean the EUFA Super Cup; then they have won it 3 times.

Who were some of Egypt's visitors from across the water from Europe?

Julius Caesar went there in the 1st century BC. Napoleon went there in the 19th century. The French went there again in 1956 and brought the British with them. They brought the Israelis, too, though Israel is not in Europe. (They do compete in the EUFA Cup, however). More recently, several Dutch people went there on holiday.

How many matches will a football club host at its home stadium per season for example Arsenals Emirates stadium in a year how many games will be played there?

Competitive home matches : Minimum 19. Maximum 35. Each EPL team will play 19 home games in the league. The other home games depend on how they progress in tournaments. For example, those teams who play in the group stages of the EUFA Champions League will play a minimum of 3 home games and a maximum of another 4 if they progress to the final. Although the 3rd & 4th places would also have a home qualifier. Because the home team for the FA Cup is drawn randomly, it is possible to progress to the final without ever playing at home. The maximum home games would be 4. (SF and final being played at Neutral grounds). The League cup is also drawn home/away, so it is possible to get to the semi-finals without playing at home (the semi is two-leg). For the teams in Europe, this would create a maximum of four home games. Non-Europe teams could add another 2. Added: I got a round about answer from my father-in-law. He suggested there are 42 league games and maybe 6 cup games (you said 4), so I went with 48 as my answer. The reason for this was a financial model based on an 8000 capcity stadium for a fictional team, and working out scenrios such as half-full season ticket holders, etc. The model included food and drinks and souvenirs and I multiplied the number of hot-dogs, beer and drinks, etc which I averaged per game by 48 to give a season-long average income from the food/drink and souvenir sales. It made a huge difference to the income from a loss of £77K to a profit of £627K!! Amazing how much we spend on non-football sundries at games! ;) The premier League has 20 teams that play each other twice - so there are only 38 league games. Half of these are played away from home. So 19 home league games, not 42. In 2006/07, the ever-presenf Frank Lampard played a total of 62 games - if you assumed half of those were at home (it would be less because of finals) then he would have played 31 home games that season.

How many times have Chelsea beat real Madrid?

only once. That was 1902 at stamford bridge. The score was 1-0 **That's not true. Chelsea's record against Real Madrid in European competition is 3 wins & 1 draw. Chelsea beat R.Madrid 2-1 in 1970/71 Cup Winners Cup at the Bridge ( 1971-05-21) Chelsea tied R.Madrid 1-1 in 1970/71 Cup Winners Cup at the Bridge ( 1971-05-19 ) Chelsea beat R.Madrid 1-0 in 1998 EUFA Super Cup Cup at the Bridge ( 1998-08-28 ) Chelsea's Competitive Record: 66.7% Wins, 33.3% Draw & 0% Losses

What would the referee do if a substitute ran onto the field before the referee waived the player on or said it was okay to come onto the field in a soccer game?

You would be issued a blue card 2 min for to many men and maybe an unsportsmanlike conduct. Blue cards are shown in the Indoor soccer leagues. If this is a match at the professional level (MLS, EUFA, English Premier, etc), most likely the substitute would be shown the yellow card for entering the field without the referee's permission. The college level referee would most likely have the same response. In the high school leagues, there tends to be a little more leniency. Perhaps a verbal warning would suffice. In the AYSO level of play, there is even more leniency. I referee with AYSO, club soccer, high school and indoor. But remember, it is the discretion of the referee at the time the substitute enters the field as to what he decides to do. There are a lot of factors to consider before showing a card to a player. Hope this helps.