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Q: 1st team to win 3 playoff games on the road to reach the super bowl?
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Who has played the most playoff games but not a Super Bowl?

In the Super Bowl era (playoffs from 1966-2008) that would be the Cleveland Browns who, since 1966, have made the playoffs 14 times and played 20 playoff games but never played in a Super Bowl.

How do you play the super bowl on Madden NFL 2009?

Win your playoff games.

Will the Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl this year?

I believe that have a chance a making the playoff again this year, although the Super Bowl may be a bit out of reach.

How many games until super bowl?

As of January 17, 2009, there are technically five games to be played before the Super Bowl arrives. Since the NFC Divisional playoff has already been played there are only the two games from the AFC Divisional playoff and then both the AFC and NFC championship playoffs. A week before the Super Bowl there is the Pro Bowl so that is why it tallys to five games in all.

How many playoff games did dan marino play in?

Dan played in 18 playoff games which includes one Super Bowl (XIX against the 49ers) ... his record was 8-10.

Did last years super bowl teams lose in the first playoffs?

No, in order to make it to the Super Bowl both teams must win all of their playoff games.

How many NFL games are there?

There are 11 playoff games. 4 Wildcard games. 4 Divisional games. 2 Championship games. And the Super Bowl.

How do football players reach the super bowl?

In order to get to the Super Bowl a player has to be on a team that qualifies for the NFL Playoffs. There are two conferences in the NFL, the AFC and the NFC. Each conference has six teams that qualify for the post season. Teams can qualify for the playoffs as a division winner (4 teams) or as a wild card (2 teams). In order to get to the Super Bowl a team must win either two or three playoff games. If on a team seeded 1 or 2, the team plays in two playoff games. They are the Divisional Round and the Championship game. If the team wins both of these games, they qualify for the Super Bowl. If on a team seeded 3-6, then there are three games that must be won in order to qualify for the Super Bowl. The first round is the Wild Card Round, followed by the Divisional Round, and then the Championship game. If a player is on a team that wins all of their playoff games, that team qualifies to play in the Super Bowl.

How many games have the Pittsburgh Steelers played in their history?

Through Super Bowl XLV, the Steelers have played 1,060regular season games and 53 playoff games.

Who is the first team to be undeafeted and win the super bowl?

In 1972, the Dolphins team completed the NFL's first and only perfect season culminating in a Super Bowl win, winning all 14 of its regular-season games, both of its NFL playoff games, and also Super Bowl VII.

How do football teams get into the Super Bowl?

they play in a playoff system.

What is the most watched playoff series in the US?

the Super Bowl