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i have a 1908 gold medal medal for a 220 yard run

stamp on it is w.d.t.b.a. on the on the is stamp dieges & clust 23 ohn st ny

allso stsmp on the is x 10

ckecks to be 10 kt gold

thanks larry

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โˆ™ 2009-10-31 13:59:15
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Q: 1908 w.d.t.b.a. gold medal for a 220 yrd run?
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No notes were issued in 1908. If you are referring to a gold sovereign (the equivalent to £1 or 20 shillings) then anywhere from £180 - £220.

Pricture of the 1908 220 run olympic medals?

looking for prictures for the 1908 track run in the 220 yrd run in the olympic medals

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I am not so sure about silver medals, however, a gold medal is worth US$220.

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220 is not a gold hallmark. The lowest number that is used as a gold hallmark is 333 (meaning 33.3% gold content, which is 8 carat, the lowest gold carat). 220 is actually the hallmark for bronze, which is a copper alloy called "Alloy 220" (or sometimes sold as "commercial bronze"), not gold.

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Total weight = 250 grams or 1250 carats Actual gold weight = 6 grams or 30 carats That's carats weight as in weighing gemstones. But if you mean how many carats as in 24 carat gold or 18 carat gold. Then the Olympic gold medal is 220 grams or 1100 carats of pure silver Coated with 6 grams or 30 carats of 24 carat - pure gold.

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The 220 hallmark on jewelry means it is a commercial bronze alloy.

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Hi, I an not an expert, but was interested in a piece of jewelry that had a hallmark of 220 and was being presented as 22k gold. Ran a number of searches on the internet for 220. So far, the only information that I have been able to come up with is that 220 is used to identify commercial bronze which is an alloy of copper. A web search on "alloy 220" will bring up a number of sources on the subject. Good Luck.

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