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It also says #1431 on the back of the plaque. The picture is of Michael Jordan with his hands on his knees in his white #23 jersey. The red and gold colored metal name plate just says "Michael Jordan #23 Chicago Bulls." The gold triangle in the corner is made of some kind of plastic. The frame is black and marble colored. The plastic frame that holds the card does come open so you can look at the back of the card. (I found 2 other marble MJ plaques online for $20-ish but they were plainer and not this particular plaque. Mine has more things on it and I spent about $40 originally.) It isn't signed or anything though.

Does anyone know the price of this plaque? Is it rare now? Because I can't find it anywhere online and I really wanted to know much it's worth.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-21 12:33:33
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Q: 12x15 Michael Jordan plaque. In the right corner there's a golden triangle with a ball and hoop and trophy. It also has a pic a metal name plate and a 1995 upperdeck card. How much is it worth?
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