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The Bolshevik Party took over Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. In March 1918, they renamed themselves the Communist Party.

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Q: What political party took over Russia in 1917 during the Bolshevik Revolution?
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Who was in the Russian Revolution?

Lenin and Trotsky were the two leaders of the Bolshevik political party which took power after the Russia Revolution of 1917. Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown during the Russia Revolution of 1917, also known as the Bolshevik revolution.

Who was the leader of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia during World War I?

Vladimir Lenin led the Bolshevik Revolution in World War 1.

Who led the Bolshevik's during the Bolshevik revolution?

Vladimir Lenin led the Bolsheviks during the Bolshevik Revolution.

Was Czar Nicholas II in power during the Bolshevik revolution?

No, Tsar Nicholas II was already out of power during the Bolshevik Revolution. He had abdicated his throne in March 1917 during the February Revolution of 1917. This revolution was not the Bolshevik Revolution. The Bolshevik Revolution began on October 25, 1917 (according to the old style Russian calendar).

What were Lenin's goals?

AnswerWorldwide revolution towards "pure" communism. He also was famous for his slogan during the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia of "Bread, Peace, and Land".

Who was the leader of the Bolshevik Party during the Russian Revolution?

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik Party during the Russian Revolution.

What happened during Russia's November revolution?

During Russia's November revolution, Vladimir Lenin led a revolt against Provisional Government. November marked the end of the revolution with a victory for Bolshevik, but it also led to the beginning of the Russian Civil War.

The Red Scare a period of anticommunist hysteria in the United States during 1919 and1920 was largely a response to what?

Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

Who was the leader of Russia overthrown during the bolshevik revolution?

Alexander Kerensky was the leader of the Russian Provisional Government that was overthrown in the Bolshevik Revolution (also known as the October Revolution of 1917). Tsar Nicholas II was already out of power by then because he had been forced to abdicate his throne in March 1917 after the February Revolution of 1917.

Who was the leader and hero during the Bolshevik Revolution?

Vladimir I. Lenin was the leader and hero at least from the Bolshevik perspective.

What happened during the Bolshevik revolution?

wouldnt we all like to know?!?!

Were America and Russia allies in the American Revolution?

The USA and Russia were allies during WWII, but NOT during the American Revolution, no.

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