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Sometimes peoples personalities can change when they play sports.

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Q: Does playing sports change one person personality?
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How did culture change near the end of the 19th century?

people gained intrest in spectator sports

What ways did culture change near the end of the 19th century?

People gained interest in spectator sports.

What are the different kinds of dual sports?


What are the most popular sports played in Africa?

The most popular sports played in Africa is football. That is soccer but they call it football because you play it with your feet.

How did American sports influence Australian culture?

In a word - minutely. Whilst it could be argued that sports like cricket and rugby have taken on some American aspects in terms of promotion and televised coverage, the essence of the sports remain British. It is important to note here that forms of Baseball were played in Britain long before the establishment of the United States and Gridiron is a derivation of rugby so perhaps a more pertinant question would be how have British sports influenced American culture. Anyhoo ... to go back to your question ... the only American sport to have a tangible impact on Australian culture is basketball. In the eighties NBA games were televised on Australian television and developed quite a following. The local professional league, the NBL, was well attended and televised during this period and into the next decade however since the turn of the millennium basketball in Australia has seen a sharp decline in popularity. It would best be considered a minority sport today, comparable with lawn bowls and netball. The biggest impact American sports have had on Australia would be in the field of merchandise and sports apparel. Coupled with the hip-hop culture, baseball and basketball hats/singlets carry cultural attachments to US culture. Sports brands such as Nike and Reebok have a noticeable influence in general. Perhaps Australian culture has yet to take much from American sports due to the exclusive nature of them. 'World Series' competitions contested purely by American teams hardly offer countries like Australia a pathway to playing these sports at the top level. Australia is used to international competition in sports like rugby and cricket and American sports do not really offer the same breadth or regularity of international competition.

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Can by playing sports change one's personality?


Do sports change someone personality?


How do you develop a personality with help of sports partipicipation to a sports person?

You can develop a personality in sports with help of participating in a sport by simply joining a sports team such as Basketball, Football, Tennis, Track, Baseball, Softball, and so many more

How does personality affect sports performance?

If a person is usually mean, they will be really mean while playing sports and very aggressive. If a person is usually nice, they will have good sportsmanship but won't necessarily be 'nice' on the field. Sometimes nice people can be very very very aggressive.

How can sports develop the personality?

Well, in relationships, if you do sports you might not have as much time to be with the person but its a good thing to be involved in one or more sports to stay healthy

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What does sports and personality mean?

sports mean any type of physical game like soccer, rugby, hockey and etc. personality means whether the person is good, bad, mean, nice and etc

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Austrian Sports Personality of the Year was created in 1949.

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Kenyan Sports Personality of the Year was created in 2004.

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Swiss Sports Personality of the Year was created in 1950.

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